Kitchener-Waterloo Meibukan Karate Dojo

Membership Fees:


Two payment options:

Payment of fees to be paid the 20th of each preceeding month, all fees will allow the student to train unlimited including specail Friday, Kobudo-weapons, pre-tournament and pre-grading classes).

There is a “Trial Offer Special” for 1 month $50.00- and get a Do Gi (Karate uniform)*

Option 1) Monthly fee of $85.00 per month with post dated cheques for a full year (12 Cheques from August to August).

Option 2) One lump sum payment of $935.00 paid in August (if one lump sum payment get one month free).

We also offer a family value rate for two or more immediate family members who are in the regular training program.

2 Immediate family members - $130.00 a month, the third and any additional immediate family members rate is $40.00.

Grading etiquette:

Gradings are recommended by Sensei, you are not to ask to be graded. You will not grade unless Sensei knows you are ready. Sensei will provide you with a letter of recommendation one month prior to your grading.

To be eligible to grade a student must be able to demonstrate all technical skills for the level to be graded at and meet attendance requirements. There is an expectation for the student to demonstrate an increased understanding of the techniques learned in previous levels. All students are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Quality of technique and diligence of training outweigh the speed at which a student attains their next rank. Depending on the student’s age, ability, some students may benefit from longer periods of training between gradings.

The grading system helps students set and reach an attainable goal. The testing ensures that the student is properly prepared to move to the next level of training, building on the previous levels. Furthermore gradings ensures a strong foundation to meeting the high standards, requirements and expectations of the IMGKA curriculum.

Gradings will be held on a date announced by Sensei one month in advance. Grading fees are to be paid one week in advance of your grading.


The full, annual membership fee may be paid at the time the student joins the dojo. For the convenience of the student or parent/guardian, the annual membership fee can be divided over twelve months. Post-dated cheques dated the 20th of the preceeding month will be accepted. Other financial payment options may be discussed on an individual basis. Post-dated cheques until the end of the training year (August 31st) must be submitted at the time a student becomes a member of the dojo. There are no additional carrying charges for this service.

Cancellation of membership, illness and vacations

I. There are no contracts. In the event you wish to terminate your membership, a 30 day (one-month) cancellation notice is asked. The remainder of the membership fee, from one month of the date of notice, will be cancelled. Changes to the payment plan will be considered for those with special circumstances.

II. Membership is for twelve (12) consecutive months.

III. Membership holds on post-dated cheques will only be offered to those suffering from a prolonged illness, accident or other uncontrollable events. Membership cancellation or cancellation of payment will not be considered for vacations. As there are no restrictions to the number of classes per week a student may attend, missed classes can be made up anytime during the year.

IV. In the event that payment is stopped or missed for 30 days or more, the membership will be considered terminated.



In past summers, I have suffered the loss of substantial revenue during the summer months, vital to the day-to-day operation of the Dojo. This necessitated a critical review of the membership policy for the Kitchener-Waterloo Meibukan Karate Dojo. Consequently, I made some very difficult decisions respecting the month to month payment schedule in effect at the Dojo. The following changes to the membership policy represent the last measures I can undertake before implementing a formal contract agreement between myself and you, as parents/students. Part of geri (respect, loyalty – a giving back between a student and a Sensei) in karate is the timely payment of monthly membership fees as showing support for the Sensei and the special space in which we train in karate; the Dojo. I trust you understand and accept the spirit and intent of the membership policy.

Although there are no formal contracts, there exists a social, honored and respectful contractual agreement between Sensei and the student. On becoming a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Meibukan Karate Dojo, Sensei commits to being that karate-ka’s (student’s) instructor until told he is no longer. The karate-ka’s loyalty to Sensei is to attend classes on a regular basis and to support, by way of monthly fees, the continuance of the Dojo. Hence, membership is for twelve (12) consecutive months. Membership extensions will not be considered for vacations or other times of absence.

NSF Policy

There will be an administrative charge of $35.00 for each item returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF). Should a member issue two NSF payments, training fees paid thereafter will be by cash or certified cheque only.

Training Schedule

During the summer session, some classes may be combined dependent on the interest and number of students training. A minimum of two (2) weeks notice will be given to any changes in class scheduling during the summer session.

Privacy Policy

The Kitchener-Waterloo Meibukan Karate Dojo Privacy Policy is available upon request.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The Kitchener-Waterloo Meibukan Karate Dojo Sexual Harassment Policy is available upon request.

Note: Under IMGKA guidelines a student can only grade for a full black belt at age 16. Prior to this, a student under the age of 16 can grade for a Junior black belt (sho-dan ho) Once a student is 16, they may grade for a full black belt.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Sensei.